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AGS-LLC regularly implements research projects to better identify solutions to environmental issues we encounter during a project.  The results of these projects have led to various patent submittals over the last few years.  In addition, AGS-LLC often attends scientific conferences and trade shows as a presenter to share our results with other groups.  Recent presentations and patents include at least the following:

Past Presentations

Use of green and sustainable remedial methods to treat soil gases at a drycleaner impacted with PCE and TCE
Council, E. and Council, C., 2014.
A&WMA Vapor Intrusion, Remediation, and Site Closure Conference 2014.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 
Results of these studies lead to the GVE™ - Groundwater Vapor Extraction

Innovative in-situ soil gas remediation at a former drycleaner and impacts of engineered phytoremediation on contaminated groundwater
Council, E. and Council, C., 2013.
IPEC Conference
San Antonio, Texas
Results of these studies lead to the BVE™ - Boreholes Vapor Extraction System  

Quantifying bedload sediment budgets through the use of in-situ sedimentary parameters
Council, E., 2011
US Army Corp of Engineers, ERDC Sediment Forum Seminar, November 2011.
Vicksburg, Mississippi 

Methodologies developed by AGS-LLC personnel are capable of resolving the pathways sediment grains take downstream, across estuaries and other large scale water bodies such as the Atlantic Shelf area or the Arctic Ocean.

Patent Submittals

Method to Intercept, Treat In-Situ and Vent Volatile Contaminates in Groundwater Using Extraction Boreholes
Council, E., 2014,
Serial No. 62/039,957 - Patent Pending, assigned August 21, 2014,
The GVE™ System

Method to Intercept, Treat In-Situ and Vent Contaminated Soil Gas Using Extraction Boreholes
Council, E., 2014,
Serial No. 61/861,463 - Patent Pending, assigned August 2, 2013,
The above ground component of the BVE™ System is shown in the photograph to the left.

Upcoming Presentations

Remediation of chlorinated solvents in groundwater and soil gases using site-wide pseudo-convective transport processes
2015 AEHS Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air,
San Diego, California.
Council, E. and Council, C., submitted,
Performance data associated with enhancing subsurface transport of soil gases and passive methods used to degas chlorinated solvents from contaminated groundwater using the BVE™/GVE™ treatment systems.

Subsurface degassing of chlorinated solvents using a pseudo-convective treatment process
2015 Battelle International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies,
Miami, Florida. 
Council, E. and Council, C., submitted,
Extensive time dependent SOV data set that identifies the development of a pseudo-convective subsurface treatment system using the BVE™/GVE™ methods and the data ramifications that indicate why other remedial systems require long periods of time to treat a contaminated site &/or increase vapor intrusion issues.



Past Presentations
Patent Submittals
Upcoming Presentations


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